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Natural looking sun-kissed hair color look, what’s it called?

enero 30, 2014

The word Balayage (French) describes sweeping movements of color across the hair to create a wonderfully natural looking mix of high-lights and low-lights of brown and blond tones that give your hair depth, dimension and that very natural sun-kissed look.


Hair & Color Dyes History

diciembre 4, 2013

Hair & Color Dyes History

I am Javier Aranda Hair Color Technician (colorista) at the Hair Color Clinic Buenos Aires.

hair color history hair clinic buenos aires
Renaissance painting & hair color fashion.
Many men and women color their hair, but have you ever considered the history and chemistry behind the art?

It is very interesting and well worth sharing.


The beach is a bitch on beauty…

noviembre 27, 2013

Protecting your Hair, Makeup & Skin Buenos Aires Summer 2013/14 Javier Aranda Hair & Makeup Design Are you getting ready […]


Women keep their hairdressers longer than their husbands!

noviembre 25, 2013

A recent survey conducted by the online shopping website NetVoucherCode found that women retain the professional services of their hairdressers longer than they are married to their husbands!